Advanced Services

Included in our Advanced Services: Service Tracker™, Energy Analytics with Fault Detection™ (EAFD) and Tenant Tracker™.

Service Tracker™

Real-time Asset Management Tool:

Created as a tool to boost internal efficiency, while using this QR (Quick Response) code based technology, we realized Service Tracker™ has customer value too.

By imputing and saving all performed service data, technicians are able to improve troubleshooting ability and save time spent at your site.

Energy Analytics with Fault Detection™ (EAFD)

Reduce the cost of discovering problems & enabling system optimization:

EAFD is designed to go beyond the typical “dashboard” style energy analytics available in the market place. This tool layers onto building automation systems (BAS) to focus specifically on identifying deficiencies in building performance. This provides real-time insight as to why the building is performing off-profile. To support preventative maintenance and on-going commissioning, EAFD will optimize of your building’s energy usage.

Tenant Tracker™

Automated Tenant Billing Capability & Accurate Usage Data:

In an unregulated industry, we have gained expansive knowledge and experience in energy sub-metering through successful design and installations. We will create and deliver proper installations, programming, commissioning, and maintenance of vital data to accurately bill your tenants. These sub-meters tie directly into BAS or EAFD, and billing information can be stored within Service Tracker™. Don't risk lost billing (un-billable) data to inexperienced installers and low quality meters.


· Twenty-five years in the industry
· Twenty years of experience in collecting data
· Pioneers in sub-metering
· Review and correct issues with systems installed by competitors
· Work with all types of meters: BTU, gas, water, or electrical

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